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Papillion Recreation volleyball league is a recreational league focusing on skill development, teamwork and the fundamentals of volleyball in a fun atmosphere that promotes good sportsmanship.


1. The court is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide. The court is divided by a center line 2 inches wide. Boundary lines, called the sidelines and end lines are 2 inches wide. If a ball touches any part of the boundary lines, it is considered inbound. PRO will provide a ball for every game.
2. Net Height: 6 feet from the floor for 3rd - 4th grade; 6 ft. 6 in. for 5th-6th grade; and 7 ft. for 7th-8th grade. The net should be drawn taunt.


1. Volley Lite balls will be used for 3rd – 6th grade. Official volleyballs will be used for the 7th-8th grade division.
2. Players must wear tennis shoes and kneepads or they will be unable to play. No jewelry will be allowed. Tape over piercings will be acceptable.
3. PRO will provide jerseys.


1. One captain from each team will meet the referee prior to the first game to do the coin toss. The team winning the coin toss will be awarded first serve; the losing team will choose which side they want to defend.
2. The service area is outside the end line and it covers the entire width of the court. There may be modified serve lines for younger divisions. To serve, you may back up as far as you wish as long as you are still on the court tiles.
3. Servers will be allowed to step over the serve line if needed.
4. Let serves are allowed. Let serves are a ball that hits the net but still goes over inside the boundaries of the opponent’s court.
5. A player may only serve 5 consecutive points. The 5th point results in a rotation on the serving team’s side and the serve goes to the next player in rotation. This rule only applies to 3rd – 6th grade divisions.
6. No attacking or blocking the serve.
7. Additional serve rules by division:
a. 3rd - 4th grade division may move up to the second marked line approximately 10ft from the back line. With every 2 successful serves, they must take a step back for the next serve. They may serve underhand or overhand. Players will be allowed two attempts on his/her first serve.
b. 5th - 6th grade division must serve underhand from behind the back line. They may use the first modified line to serve overhand. With every 2 successful serves, they must take a step back for the next serve. Coaches are advised to use their best judgement on whether a player should use the modified or back line on overhand serves.
c. 7th - 8th grade division must serve all serves from the back (30ft) line. Try to keep foot faults to a minimum for player development.


1. The game or facility official have the right to eject any player, coach or spectator acting in an unsportsmanlike way. It will not be tolerated.
2. Warm Ups: 1-minute shared court and 3 minutes for whole court per team. Total of 7 minutes for warm up.
3. Game Length: A minimum of 3 sets or 45 minutes will be played in each match. Rally scoring will be used in all sets; the first 2 sets will be played to 25 pts (win by 2, cap at 30) and the third set will be played to 15 pts (win by 2, cap at 20). If all 3 sets have not been completed in the allotted time the gym supervisor will announce 5 minutes remaining and the teams will play out the final 5 minutes. If a team wins the first 2 sets, both teams may agree to play a friendly 3rd set.
4. Time Outs: Each team is allowed one 1-minute timeout per set. Unused timeouts will not carry over to the next set.
5. Rotation: Serving team rotates prior to serving (except for first serve of the set). Rotations will occur in a clockwise direction. Younger divisions are recommended to rotate with the server rotating out and a new player rotating into the middle/back row position. Older divisions may want to rotate players for front and back row playing. Substitutions will be allowed for injuries.
6. Number of Players: A team may play with 5 players. If 6 players are present, all 6 must be playing unless there is an injury.
a. Teams may use players from another team if they have less than 6 girls (on the teams’ roster) present at game time. This does have to be approved by the opposing team’s coach.
b. Note: If 6 players from the team’s roster are present, the team may not pick up a player from a different team unless there is an injury.
7. Ceiling: If the ball hits the ceiling or lights and remains on the same side of the court, it is still in play. If it hits the ceiling and bounces to the other side of the court, it is considered out of bounds and a point will be awarded to the other team.
8. Dividers, Bleachers and Walls: All dividers, bleachers, and walls are considered out of play. If a player hits a ball that then hits any of these objects, it will be a side out and a point will be awarded to the other team.
9. A distinct hit must be made. No holding, throwing or catching the ball is allowed.
10. The ball may be hit three times by one team in a volley. Any one player cannot hit the ball twice in succession, with the exception of a touch from blocking.
11. Touching an opponent under the net is not allowed.
12. Players may not significantly touch the net while the ball is in play. (For example, losing balance into the net will result in a side out. Hair touching the net will be allowed.)


Team members, coaches, and spectators shall exhibit appropriate behavior towards other players, officials, and spectators. Unsportsmanlike conduct from team members and/or associates including spectators will result in being carded accordingly and action taken such as:
1. Player or coach ejection from the game.
2. Player or coach ejection from the league.
3. Player or coach suspension.
4. Forfeit of game.


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