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PRO Basketball


If the tournament brackets are not showing up for you in the tabs below, please look for the "Tournament Schedules" page link to the left. On the Tournament Schedules page you can find individual brackets at the bottom.


Mar 6, 2020


The PRO Basketball tournament will take place March 2nd-10th.  

Click on the tabs below to display the correct bracket for your division.

*** Brackets will be updated on a nightly basis.

*** Dates and times are subject to change, so please check your bracket regularly as the tournament progresses.


Please check back for weather updates throughout the season.



PRO Basketball is in need of additional volunteers to complement the existing team of selfless citizens providing a quality basketball experience to our youth! Please, email the director at for more information.

PRO Basketball Overview

PRO Basketball provides an opportunity for K-8th grade players of all abilities to learn and apply basketball skills. Players, coaches, referees, and parents facilitate a positive learning environment for players to have a great basketball experience. Players will respect each other, coaches, referees, and practice and game facilities. PRO Basketball places greater emphasis in learning over winning or losing. Our commitment to developing successful players is steadfast.

Success- Players improving their individual skills, learning to be part of a team, remaining humble with success, and resilient when setbacks occur.

Our Promise- PRO Basketball provides a safe, learning environment for players to improve basketball skills. PRO Basketball members will communicate clearly, listen intently, and resolve any issues to ensure all have an opportunity to learn and improve in basketball.

Player Commitment- Players are responsible for preparing for practice and games. Players will come to practice with a desire to learn and grow. Players will be good teammates. Players will respect their teammates, coaches, referees, fellow competitors, and practice/game facilities.  

Parent Commitment- Be a positive influence for your player, their teammates, coaches, referees, and competitors. Players and other attendees are watching us.  Strive to be positive and let players learn from coaches

Coach Commitment- Remain positive, Always! Balance the science of basketball with the art of teaching the game to players of various skill levels. Encourage growth and learning in players. Tailor coaching approach based on the physical, tactical, technical, and pyscho-social level of players.   



  See "Contact Us" to contact the PRO Basketball Director, Amanda Talmon.