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Welcome to the Papillion Baseball Association Registration Information Page

2020 Fall Ball Registration

 Registration for our T-ball, Machine Pitch, and 9-14U kid pitch season is now open!  Below are details and timing of the season.

Registration - Open now through June 30, 2020

  • Fees are as follows:
    • $60 for 4-6 yr old Tball
    • $60 for 6-8 yr old Machine Pitch
    • $70 for 9-14 yr old Player Pitch

Season schedule

  • Teams will be formed in the month of July via random draw
  • Practices will begin August 1
  • The season will conclude October 17


Preparing for a return to play

  • All players will be required to use their own glove, their own helmet, and their own bat.  This is mandatory, due to the pandemic and not optional.
  • We are actively working on putting  together details based on current Local and State Government guidance
  • We are monitoring how things change and adapt over the next couple of months to be able to employ best practices
  • We recognize some will not be ready to return and we support that decision, while supporting those who wish to participate in the program later this summer
  • We are maintaining the same pricing as our traditional Fall Season while offering a more robust season


Ages 15-18

Team Registration is currently open for play in the Metro Area Baseball League (MABL). We do our best to place the boys, but we have limitations as it pertains to the number of teams we can field and the number of players placed on each team. 

Registration link:

CANCELLED | 2020 Spring Rec Baseball Registration

The 2020 Spring Recreation Session for 4-18 yr olds will open on Jan 10.

Your players age as of May 1st will determine which division your child will play in.  

4-6 TBall ($100 registration fee)
7-8 Machine Pitch ($100 registration fee)
9/10 Division ($135 registration fee)
11/12 Division ($135 registration fee) 
13/14 Division ($160 registration fee)
15-18 MABL ($210 registration fee)


Teams are formed as follows:

Ages 4-8

Teams are formed using schools and neighborhoods as a guide.  Specific teammate requests will also be considered & accommodated IF possible.


Ages 9-14

Teams are formed using a skill assessment process of the 5 basic elements, Fielding, Throwing, Hitting, Pitching and Catching.  Assessments take place April 4, see Facebook for more details.

Teammate & coach requests WILL NOT BE HONORED, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Players are organized by their assessment levels and then placed on teams evenly using an open draft with parity being the goal.  All players are required to attend the assessment - no show on assessment day, means the player is not draft eligible and will be blindly drawn for a team.


Ages 15-18

Teams are formed via tryouts and play in the Metro Area Baseball League (MABL). Tryouts are held after high school tryouts. We do our best to place the boys, but we have limitations as it pertains to the number of teams we can field and the number of players placed on each team. 

Tball 4 -6 yr olds $100
Machine Pitch 7 - 8 yr olds $100
Player Pitch 9 - 12 yr olds $135
Player Pitch 13 - 14 yr olds $160
MABL 15 - 18 yr olds $210

Baseball Questions?

If you have questions, please email or 

We will respond to you as quickly as possible.  Please allow up to 2 days to receive a response.  

General Questions

For Rec Baseball

Mike Apgar

Baseball Director