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Contacting PRO

PRO is led exclusively by volunteers. Emails are answered as quickly as possible but are subject to volunteer's schedules. We do not have a phone number as we do not have staff to answer calls. We work regularly with the City of Papillion Recreation Department but we are a separate entity. 

Please utilize the contacts page when reaching out to our board members.

PRO Board Meeting information is on the About Us page


PRO Board of Directors

Steve Krajewski


Rachel Pounders


Doug Whitaker

Vice President

Steve Krajewski

Director of Promotions & Public Relations & Past President

Elizabeth Butler


Vacant 2022 Position

Director of Communications

Sport Directors

Randy Harris

Director of Recreational Baseball

Lyn Faulkner

Director of Soccer

Justin Vodicka

Storm Chaser (Select) Baseball Director

Tonia McCann

Director of Softball

Levi Lippincott

Director of Basketball

Margaret Jelinek

Director of Volleyball


Tracy Stratman

City of Papillion Recreation Director

Open Position

Legal Advisor

Rachel Stodola

At Large Advisor

Mailing Address

PRO - Papillion Recreation Organization
P.O. BOX 460935
Papillion NE 68046
United States


Tax Information

Papillion Recreation Organization

Federal Tax ID: 23-7155926

Papillion, Nebraska Map